Luke Shimanuki

Luke Shimanuki


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) '2020
M.Eng in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (AI Concentration)
S.B. Double Major in Computer Science and Brain & Cognitive Science (Math minor)


Aurora Innovation  ○  Magna Electronics (formerly Optimus Ride)  ○  Cruise Automation  ○  RightHand Robotics  ○  Tanius Tech

  Central Square Church


  Piano & Viola

  Baking Enthusiast


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Safe Robot Interaction in Social Environments

A novel paradigm for safe control among mobile obstacles following unobservable policies. Integrates reachability analysis and a variant of motion forecasting to produce policies that are statistically safe even when the real-world distribution over obstacle policies is not known or able to be sampled. Preprint

Motion Planning under Obstacle Uncertainty

Prove NP-hardness for fixed dimension.
IJRR 2021 WAFR 2018

Demonstrate fixed-parameter algorithm that finds exact solutions when parameter is fixed, or an approximation when it is not. Masters Thesis WAFR 2022

Learning to Guide Task and Motion Planning

Task and motion planning algorithm guided by a learned value function over discrete parameters estimated by a graph neural network architecture.
IJRR 2021 CoRL 2019

Vehicle Routing Optimization

Algorithm for efficiently assigning vehicles to passengers to minimize waiting and travel time.
Intel STS 2016 Semifinalist. Intel STS 2016

Barracuda & Marlin: Autonomous Submarines

Two autonomous submarines capable of manipulating objects, aiming and shooting torpedoes, and navigating around obstacles. International finalist (7th place) at RoboSub 2015.
Barracuda: MC Code uC Code Paper
Marlin: MC Code uC Code Paper


Extension for the i3 Window Manager that allows for navigating among workspaces arranged in a grid instead of numerically. GitHub


Low latency audio streaming to enable musicians to play together in-sync remotely. Cuts through the overhead with direct P2P connections via UDP hole punching. GitHub

Inflatable Sailboat

DIY spritsail rigged to an inflatable boat. Fits in a suitcase for easy transport to the river.

Eagle Project

Led team of volunteers to collect old computers from the community and refurbish them for use by a local youth coding education organization.

It is Well

Piano arrangement of It is Well with my Soul (Horatio Spafford & Philip Bliss), Blessings (Laura Story), Touch of Heaven (Hillsong), and the chorus of It is Well (Bethel). YouTube