61 Bishop Allen Dr, Apt 2
Cambridge, MA 02139
Senior Software Engineer (Motion Planning) Aurora Innovation 2022 - present
Developed models for predicting and planning semantic driving behaviors such as merging and lane changing.
SDE II --> Senior SDE (Planning & Controls) Magna Electronics (formerly Optimus Ride) 2020 - 2022
Designed and implemented probabilistic model for inferring trajectories and interactions between road users.
Formulated requirements and algorithmic design for ADAS features following auto industry safety standards.
Intern (Prediction) Cruise Automation (General Motors) Summer 2018
Improved model for robotic cars to predict trajectories of other road users, passing 3x as many scenario tests.
SWE Intern (Perception) Optimus Ride Summer 2017
Created system for robotic cars to predict and avoid other vehicles to handle intersections.
Intern (Machine Learning / Vision) RightHand Robotics January 2017
Designed and implemented deep learning architectures for robotic vision and grasping.
Developer Tanius Technology (proprietary trading) 2015 - 2016
Implemented machine learning models and data pipeline to predict market patterns.
MIT CSAIL Learning and Intelligent Systems Group2017 - 2020
WAFR 2018 & IJRR 2021Lower bounds for 2D motion planning under obstacle uncertainty
WAFR 2022Fixed-parameter algorithm for motion planning under obstacle uncertainty
CoRL 2019 & IJRR 2021Value functions for guiding task-and-motion planning using graph networks
[unpublished]Safe control avoiding moving obstacles with unobservable policies
[unpublished]Leveraging hierarchies to efficiently solve robotic planning tasks / POMDPs
Stanford Autonomous Systems LaboratorySummer 2015
ICRA 2016Efficiency of vehicle routing algorithms based on real-world ride requests
Intel STS 2016Vehicle routing algorithm with 10% improvement over state-of-the-art in simulation
Massachusetts Institute of Technology2016 - 2020
M.Eng Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (AI Concentration), GPA 5.0 (out of 5)
S.B. Double Major in Computer Science and Brain & Cognitive Science, GPA 4.9 (out of 5), 5.0 in-major (CS)
Embedded Systems Machine Learning (G) Comp. Intelligence (G) Robotics Science & Systems
Quantum Comp. (G) Operating Systems (G) Adv. Data Structures (G) Natural Language Processing
Theory of Comp. (G) Comp. Linguistics (G) Comp. Cognitive Science Design & Analysis of Algorithms
Site Manager Food for Free COVID-19 Relief Program 2020
Directed team of volunteers for packing and delivering groceries to ~300 households weekly.
Program Director, Head Webmaster MIT Educational Studies Program 2017 - 2020
Directed educational programs reaching ~3000 MS/HS students with ~1000 classes taught by ~500 teachers and run by ~100 volunteers. Mentored future directors. Maintained website used by ~5000 students.
Software Lead AVBotz 2012 - 2016
Led the software team (~12 members) for fully-autonomous submarine for manipulating objects, aiming and shooting torpedoes, and navigating around obstacles. International finalist (7th Place) at RoboSub 2015.
Co-President, HPMS Branch Director ACE Coding 2013 - 2016
Managed ~16 volunteers to teach weekly programming lessons to ~100 middle school students annually.
Organized ACE Code Day, an 8 hour event attracting ~300 students. Taught machine vision workshop.
Middle School Tutor Cambridge School Volunteers 2019 - 2020
Proficient in: CC++PythonJavascriptJavaUNIX Shell
Familiar with: C#LabViewMatlabSimulinkScalax86 Assembly
Libraries: ROSOpenCVTheanoPyTorchReactJSTensorFlow
USA Computing Olympiad Platinum Division Intel Science Talent Search 2016 Semifinalist
Eagle Scout MIT Battlecode 2018 Finalist (9th place)
C++ Low latency audio streaming to enable remote musicians to play in-sync
C Web browser using Chromium's rendering engine with configurable vi-like key bindings
C C compiler to convert C code to x86 assembly
Java Neural network AI for a multiplayer platformer fighting game
Python Musical autocomplete to assist chord and melody composition
Python Gridded workspace manager for the i3 Window Manager